The Family Box for Opioid Prevention got the conversation started about opioids, and the crisis that has resulted from their wide and ready availability over many years.

We heard from parents and teens how much they got out of the conversations and that it would be helpful to keep it going, while also learning more.

So now we’re giving you something else to talk about, by following up with the Parent Box edition about stimulants. It’s a supplement to the Family Box, and builds on what families have already discovered and learned. Ordering is limited to families who received the Family Box. If you did, you’ll get an invitation to order the Parent Box. Please note that we have a limited supply and can only fulfill the first 250 orders.

This box comes with new videos about stimulants and poly-drug use, and a standalone video player, plus in response to all the feedback we received for the first series of boxes, we’re also including a new set of topic-specific conversation cards.

Of course, there are gift cards for free food, thanks to our sponsor Bud’s Chicken & Seafood and more importantly, it comes with an invitation to sign up for Text-based support services, LSIS “Help & Hope by Text”

If you have a Family Box 5-12 but didn't receive an invitation for the New Parent Box please reach out via email to
Continue to Watch, Learn and Talk! Find new ways to engage with your teens.

The Parent Box

It’s the follow up to the Family Box, with a focus on stimulants, directed at parents with students in grades 6-12. It includes a standalone video player, a new set of conversation cards, an invitation to a parent support text message service and two Bud's lunch cards.

First, parents watch and review, then share with their teens as appropriate.

Parent Box Video Player

Rechargeable Video Player that doesn't need an Internet connection or outlet. USB charging cable included.

New question cards to help families engage

Parent Box Cards

Deck of Cards with two sets, one with questions from teens to parents, the other with questions from parents to teens. The cards are meant to initiate conversation unencumbered by suspicions and assumptions.

This card must be presented to Buds to redeem your free Family Feast

Bud's Food Partner Card

Your voucher for the free family meal: A Bud’s Family Feast of your choosing, to be ordered and picked up from the Bud’s location closest to you. Thank you, Bud’s!

Messages include evidence-based skills and strategies to help you better communicate with your child, assess their situation and build their resilience.

LSIS Text to Help And Hope Card

Palm Beach County parents and caregivers who are concerned about their child’s potential exposure to substance abuse, drugs, and addiction can receive customized resources and skills delivered via text.

What Parents Need to Know

"Everyone shared what they thought about the video."

“Overall great experience. Great conversation starter."

"Once we asked a few questions from the cards we kept talking on our own."

"I am not used to asking my kids questions like that, so it made it easier."

"I feel more ready to have conversations with my kids."

"I had confidence that I was asking the right questions."

The Parent Box Process:

  1. Request A Box ( no cost, but subject to confirmation of eligibility)
  2. Receive Box in the mail
  3. Pick up lunch from Bud's Chicken and Seafood location near you
  4. Parent/Caregiver watch video ( share with teens as you deem appropriate)
  5. Watch with teens ( 6th-12th) & use two-deck conversation cards
  6. Connect with us and Sign up for LSIS Text to Help & Hope for regularly scheduled prevention messages

The Family Box is made possible with funding from