The Family Box For Substance Abuse Prevention.

We know that families are worried about their kids and the long-term impact of social isolation on mental health, challenges with coping skills and increased risky behavior. We hope that the Family Box will help connect parents and kids and help support what for some can be challenging conversations.

Who Is This Box For - LSIS Family Box for Grades 5-12

The Family Box for Substance Abuse Prevention is aimed at families with students in grades 5-12. It is a set of carefully curated items that help start and support cross-generational family conversations around substance abuse. Feel free to lend to family and friends so that others can share in the experience, even without t-shirts or free food.

Use to review items in the box and the order in which to use

Instruction Sheet

Your step-by-step guide to the LSIS Family Box for Substance Abuse Prevention, with links to our site and an opportunity to provide feedback about your experience.

Please take with you to pick up your carry-out order.

Insulated Cooler Bag

An insulated bag to keep your Bud’s Family Feast warm and ready to eat!

This card must be presented to Buds to redeem your free Family Feast

Bud's Food Partner Card

Your voucher for the free family meal: A Bud’s Family Feast of your choosing, to be ordered and picked up from the Bud’s location closest to you. Thank you, Bud’s!

We suggest the adult watch first before sharing as a family

Table Top Video Brochure & Charger

Watch our prevention education videos, presented by the same LSIS speakers who deliver our in-person experiences, without having to be online. Our stand-alone video player lets you view as often as you like, and recharge as needed.

Keep the conversation going or purchase additional cards from LSIS

LSIS Conversation Cards

Deck of Cards with two sets, one with questions from teens to parents, the other with questions from parents to teens. The cards are meant to initiate conversation unencumbered by suspicions and assumptions. Questions are based on curiosity about experiences, knowledge, support strategies and networks, fears, and hopes. Instructions for each generation set some ground rules and provide guidance for productive conversations.

For the Adult of the Family

Saving Jake Book

A memoir that can help families better understand the prevalence of substance abuse, and reduce the stigma and shame surrounding it.

It is easy to miss or misread the signs, so a clear reminder can make the difference between early intervention and addiction.


Use the bookmark as a quick reference guide for early warning signs of teen substance abuse.

The T-shirts express in a playful way the connection between a shared meal and conversation.


The T-shirts are a way to visibly declare unity around the Family Box experience. Building on the idea behind the family box, that the family dinner table is a form of strength and community. 

The game should be done at the close of the dinner and conversation

Appreciation Game

Activity to invigorate family bonds by reminding each member how appreciated they are and what gifts they have in the eyes of those closest to them.

Use to access your “Village” of help

211 Teen Guide Booklet

A resource booklet for youth living in Palm Beach County - Produced and published by 211 HelpLine -

Use to access your “Village” if support, help or intervention is needed

211 Family Guide

List of phone numbers for a wide range of healthcare and community resources in Palm Beach County.

What Parents Are Saying

Everyone shared what they thought about the video.

“Overall great experience Great conversation starter.

Once we asked a few questions from the cards we kept talking on our own.

I am not used to asking my kids questions like that, so it made it easier.

I feel more ready to have conversations with my kids.

I had confidence that I was asking the right questions.

What Kids Are Saying

The Video box was cool. 

The video gave us facts to talk about. 

It was easier to talk about. 

Thanks To Our Family Food Partner

The Family Box Process:

  1. Order Box (no cost, but subject to verification of eligibility)
  2. Receive box in the mail
  3. Pick a date for the dinner, then order and pick up food
  4. Have dinner & conversation
  5. Share your experience and feedback. (voluntary, anonymous)

The Family Box is made possible with funding from

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