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LSIS has created a whole range of Family Box editions that foster family engagement around different substance abuse prevention contexts, based on age, substances, and point of view.

As studies have proven, family engagement is one of the most powerful factors in preventing future use. In our Boxes, we provide educational videos, reading materials, games and other resources. Learn more about each of our Family Boxes below.
The Family Box - Substance Abuse Prevention

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Funded by the Health Council of South East Florida and the Florida Department of Health. For families with students in grades 5-12. Limited release of 500 Boxes.

The Parent Box - Stimulants

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It’s the follow up to the Family Box, with a focus on stimulants, directed at parents with students in grades 6-12

The Family Box for Medicine Literacy

Sign up to be on our waitlist. We will notify you as soon as it is available for pre-order, ahead of the general public. Our latest kit, directed at parents of kids in grades K-4th, teaches medicine safety and supports parents in having effective conversations with their kids to instill appropriate understanding and choices around OTC and prescription drugs.

The Family Box for Opioid Prevention

Sign up to be on our waitlist. We will notify you as soon as it is available for pre-order, ahead of the general public. Our first Family Box, on Opioid Prevention, was directed at families with children in grades 9-12

Talk With Your Mouth Full

Research suggests that families who eat together regularly (at least 3 or 4 times a week) have reduced instances of substances in teens.

Living Skills in the Schools created the Family Box Series of kits to support families through these times of extraordinary challenge.

Whether we are in schools or homes, our mission remains the same: to build each child’s resistance to substance abuse through age-appropriate education, reassurance, understanding, peer support and access to help.

The unboxing video below shows the contents of the Family Box for Substance Abuse Prevention 5-12 edition.

Feedback from Parents Quotes:

"Great conversations. It used to be short yes or no conversations around drugs. Conversation cards allowed us to go back and forth."

"I am now sharing with my kids more about my past and my high school experiences."

"My kids never asked me those types of questions before."

"Everyone got closer."

The Family Box is made possible with funding from